Our members

OCSEA members make Ohio happen

The Ohio Civil Service Employees Association is a public sector union that represents approximately 30,000 state and local government employees. Our members are dedicated public servants who work as nurses, teachers, correction officers, highway technicians and more.

Our mission

OCSEA's mission is to fight for the social and economic well-being, employment security and the rights of our members and families. We collectively organize within the community and mobilize politically to ensure quality public services.

The primary goal at OCSEA is to ensure that our members are successful in their jobs, compensated fairly, treated with dignity and provided safe and healthy working environments. We do that through:

Contract negotiations

Every three years, OCSEA members negotiate a contract with the State of Ohio. (Local government and statewide office contracts are negotiated at different times.) Our contracts cover everything from wages and benefits to hours and terms of employment.

Contract enforcement

OCSEA stewards and staff representatives help make sure the contracts are enforced. The grievance procedure allows for a fair and impartial resolution of disputes.

Education and training

OCSEA offers help with college and job-related training so our members can be successful on the job, as well as leadership training for those who want to take on a greater roll in the union.

Political action

As public employees, our wages, benefits and working conditions are in the hands of politicians. OCSEA fights to elect candidates who support public sector work and who believe in the rights of our members to collectively bargain. OCSEA's political activity is entirely funded by voluntary donations to our political action committee, PEOPLE