College Stories

Don’t have a GED? Been out of high school for decades? Worried about paying off mountains of college debt? Well, OCSEA’s partnership with Eastern Gateway Community College may be just the educational benefit you’ve been waiting for.

OCSEA’s free college benefit is available for all active OCSEA members as well as their spouses, children and even grandchildren at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

OCSEA’s “last dollar scholarship” makes sure you and your family pay zero for college. Now there ARE no excuses. Use OCSEA’s benefit to kick start your career or to get ready for a second career after retirement.

OCSEA’s free college is not just about a degree, it’s about so much more: you’ll show your family that it’s never too late to continue your education and that anyone can follow their dreams…at any age.

Listen to OCSEA and other Ohio AFSCME members tell their personal story about what it means to go back to school.

We know our members Never Quit and your educational benefit will Never Quit on you.

Union Education Trust (UET) provides State of Ohio bargaining unit employees with money for college, vocational school, computer training and short-term courses.