The Working People's Day of Action on Saturday, Feb. 24 was a resounding success. Thanks to thousands of workers across the great state of Ohio, and tens of thousands across the nation, anti-union groups, politicians and other policymakers attempting to dismantle workers' freedoms have been put on notice. Working people aren't taking attacks to their workplace voice lying down! See Why We Rallied? below. 

Now that the rally is over, you may ask, "what's next?" The Working People's Day of Action was just the beginning. Now it's time to continue building on this worker unity and join together to say: I'm sticking with my union, no matter what!

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Next steps:

Learn about the dangers of the Janus v AFSCME case

Visit OCSEA's New Member site for the benefits of being union

Take action against Ohio Right to Work

Sign the "We're Standing Together" Pledge: Don't let them silence your union voice. Make the "We're Standing Together" Pledge and send the message that you're sticking with your union, no matter what!

Why We Rallied?

Just like with the dangerous Senate Bill 5, politicians at the Statehouse are trying to take away collective bargaining rights again and want to make Ohio a Right to Work state. But, instead of legislation this time, they want to put the attacks before Ohio voters with six proposed anti-worker ballots initiatives. Nationally, a U.S. Supreme Court case, Janus vs. AFSCME Council 31, would make the entire country Right to Work for public employees if the court sides with anti-union groups like the Koch Brothers, ALEC and the National Right to Work Committee. The Court heard oral arguments on the case on Feb. 26, two days after the Working People's Day of Action!

For these reasons and more, we must build on the momentum of the February 24 Working People's Day of Action. Just like we did when we took down Senate Bill 5, when we join forces and stick together, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE! These attacks on public employees are no more than attempts to divide workers and limit our power! Because, as we all know, unions give workers a powerful voice to speak up—speak up for fair wages, affordable health care, a dignified pension and strong public services!

America needs unions now more than ever!! Now is the time to join forces and have a strong showing of workers–public and private–against these attacks!