OCSEA Biennial Convention

34th OCSEA Biennial Convention  


Aug. 19-21, 2021

The registration deadline has been EXTENDED
to Friday, August 6, 2021 at 5 p.m.

The 34th Biennial OCSEA Convention will take place Thursday, August 19 through Saturday, August 21, 2021. For the first time ever, the union convention will be held 100% virtually. There will be be no in-person gathering. All delegates and alternates will participate online via tablet, laptop or phone. 

The theme is “Union Power for a Better Tomorrow” as we look ahead to the future of labor and the future of public service.

Convention Call | Registration/Credentials
Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Delegate Registration/Credentials

Registration deadline is Aug. 6, 2021 at 5 p.m.

All delegates and alternates must register in advance. The white delegate form and/or the yellow alternate form must be returned to the OCSEA office no later than 5:00 p.m. on July 21, 2021. In order to facilitate the processing of registration forms and the appointment of Convention committees, we ask you to send delegate and alternate forms sooner if possible. All chapters must send at least one delegate to maintain active status.

Registrations received after July 21, 2021 will be considered LATE registrations. Delegates, except automatic delegates, will not be seated until after the Credentials Committee makes its report.

Because the event is being held online, there is no registration fee for delegates/alternates to attend.

Maintaining Active Status

In accordance with the OCSEA Constitution Article VII – Chapters, District Councils, and Assemblies, chapters, district councils and assemblies of the union must send at least one (1) delegate to the OCSEA Biennial State Convention to maintain active status. All Presidents are automatic delegates and do not require an election. For more information on OCSEA convention and delegates, reference Article VIII – OCSEA Conventions and Article IX – Delegates for more information. See 2019-2021 OCSEA Constitution and By-Laws.

Convention delegate elections

The OCSEA and AFSCME Constitutions require that all delegates who attend the OCSEA Conventions must be elected in the same manner as officers are elected. All members in good standing can run to be a delegate.

Virtual participation

All delegates and alternates will participate in the biennial convention online only via tablet, laptop or phone. The link to attend convention will be emailed to each delegate, so please make sure we have an accurate email address for your elected delegates. Documents will be sent to attendees’ emails during the convention. Please fill out your home email address on the credential paperwork to ensure you receive these documents.

Official Convention Call

The official notice for convention was mailed in early 2021 to the OCSEA State Board of Directors and all chapter, district and assembly presidents and secretaries. The official Convention Call was mailed out to Chapter Presidents and Secretaries, with details on convention, registration information and the preliminary count of delegates per subordinate body. View Convention Call.


This year’s convention theme, “Union Power for a Better Tomorrow,” recognizes the real challenges public and essential workers endured this past year due to the pandemic. But it also recognizes light at the end of the tunnel. We’re already seeing an influx of money into state and local governments through the American Rescue Plan. Those funds will ensure our members can continue to work and provide important public services—now and into the future. We’re seeing laid off employees come back to state service. And now we’re celebrating our historic State contract and recognizing that in solidarity we can achieve anything—even when they tell us we can’t.

Even though this year has been unprecedented, our union members and other unionists around this great country held strong and stood with their union. They understood that sticking together as a union is a powerful statement against corporate greed, stagnant wages and attacks on our rights and benefits. That’s why, even in adversity and against all odds, we will continue to move this union forward.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Click to access the OCSEA 34th Biennial Convention (2021) proposed amendments (login required) 

OCSEA Constitution and Bylaws

The OCSEA Constitution and Bylaws governs the business of the union and is reviewed and amended every two years by elected subordinate body delegates attending the OCSEA Biennial Convention. The business of the union is currently governed by the 2019-2021 OCSEA Constitution and Bylaws.

For any questions, please contact Gina Ison at gison@ocsea.org or Kiere Miller at kmiller@ocsea.org.