Next Wave

A group for new OCSEA members, up-and-coming activists and mentors.

Are you a new to state service or to OCSEA membership? Do you have less than 10 years of service under your belt? Are you a new or young activist who wants to get involved in your union for years to come? Or are you a current leader who wants to help grow future union leaders? Then OCSEA wants YOU to get involved in its Next Wave program.

Through the Next Wave: Refocused program, OCSEA is changing the way it looks at building the next generation of union activists. It’s no longer about how old you are but, rather, about growing and educating the next wave of union activists, regardless of age, to lead in both the workplace and in the union.

With more union activists approaching retirement, it’s imperative that OCSEA continue building the union’s strength among new activist members. For the Next Wave: Refocused program to succeed, it will need the help of new activists who are committed to help lead the union forward AND the current leadership to mentor up-in-coming activists.