2016 AFSCME Convention Recap: Never Quit

Posted Jul. 28, 2016 by

The theme of the week was “Never Quit” as more than 5,000 AFSCME Convention delegates promised that the work they did in Las Vegas wouldn’t stay in Las Vegas.

OCSEA delegates celebrated the union’s achievement of providing free community college to its members, a benefit that was officially rolled out to ALL 1.6 million AFSCME members at this year’s convention. See AFSCME’s inspiring video about the free college benefit HERE.

OCSEA also won, for the third time in a row, the prestigious PEOPLE award. The PEOPLE award went to the union leaders for their work in getting voluntary contributions to the union’s political action committee, called PEOPLE. Contributions to PEOPLE help elect labor-friendly politicians who believe in public services and the bargaining rights of OCSEA members.

Go HERE to see a photo gallery of the OCSEA delegation at this year’s AFSCME’s convention.

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AFSCME Convention photo gallery
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