Salary Continuation and Occupational Injury Leave

Occupational Injury Leave (OIL)

OIL provides replacement income for employees who are injured by wards of the state. Employees of the following agencies may qualify for up to 960 hours of OIL per year:

  • Department of Developmental Disabilities
  • Department of Mental Health
  • Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
  • Department of Veterans Services
  • Department of Youth Services
  • Schools for the Deaf and Blind

Salary Continuation

In 2009, OCSEA negotiated Salary Continuation for state employees who are injured at work but not eligible for OIL. State employees are eligible for up to 480 hours of uninterrupted pay per Workers' Compensation claim.

Approved Provider Panel

Employees who apply for Salary Continuation or OIL must be evaluated by a physician on the Approved Provider Panel.

More Information

Salary Continuation and OIL Training (Ohio Dept. of Administrative Services)