OCSEA Retiree Membership

Because retirees’ hands are no longer tied by the Little Hatch Act, they are perfectly suited to get involved in activities from the Statehouse to the Whitehouse. Retirees have the experience, the knowledge of public employment and the ability to advocate and focus on the issues that most directly impact them.

OCSEA Retirees

OCSEA Retirees can become active retiree members and get many of the OCSEA benefits, including FREE COLLEGE, by paying an annual fee of $6 per year. In addition, an OCSEA Retiree Committee holds luncheons throughout the year on topics of interest to retirees such as pensions, health care and legislative matters.  

To become an active OCSEA Retiree, download, complete and mail in the OCSEA Retiree Application. Include the $6 annual fee. You can also email by clicking this link: OCSEA Retirees Sign Up or call 800-969-4702, ext. 2605, to get more information and have an application mailed to you.

OCSEA encourages all retirees to join BOTH the OCSEA Retirees program and the AFSCME Retiree Chapter 1184 (see below).

AFSCME Retiree Chap. 1184

The AFSCME Retiree Program, which began operation in 1980, is an expanding national network of retired public sector workers.

OCSEA encourages all retirees to join AFSCME Retiree Chapter 1184 by filling out an AFSCME Retiree Chapter 1184 application. 

AFSCME Retirees have access to many of the benefits under the AFSCME Advantage program.

The first year's dues for Chapter 1184 are paid for by OCSEA until December 31 of your retirement year upon request. After the first year, the membership fee of $3 per month can be deducted by OPERS. To request a dues deduction authorization card and a membership application, contact Retiree Coordinator Deidra Reese at Dreese@ocsea.org, 614-433-0303, ext. 15 or write to:

AFSCME Ohio Retiree Chap. 1184
6800 N. High St. Lower Level
Worthington, Ohio 43085-2512

OCSEA Life Membership

Questions regarding OCSEA Life Membership should be addressed with your chapter president.