What are your 2019 union New Year resolutions?

Posted Jan. 2, 2019 by

Big things happen from small, incremental changes. That's the case with union activism, too. As a union member, what small changes will you make to impact BIG change in the labor movement? Maybe you will engage in one-on-ones with your coworkers to explain how membership in the union benefits us all. Or maybe you can resolve to do something as simple as reading your union contract cover-to-cover and get familiar with your workplace rights. There's a lot that OCSEA members can do to make a big difference at work. What will your union resolutions be to impact BIG change this year, and for years to come? See below for some inspiring resolution ideas:

  • I will commit to being more active in my union and will attend 3 chapter meetings in 2019.

  • I will read my union contract cover to cover and know my workplace rights.

  • I will commit to using my union educational benefits like Union Education Trust, Les Best Scholarships and FREE COLLEGE.

  • I will tell my co-workers about FREE COLLEGE with Eastern Gateway Community College.

  • I will engage in one-on-ones with my coworkers to explain how membership in the union benefits us all.

  • I will talk to non-members to let them know how signing a card and being an active member of the union benefits EVERYONE and helps communities thrive.

  • I will never forget Senate Bill 5, Janus and the new threats to our rights to come together as a union, and I will work to defeat them.

  • I will work to ensure public employee collective bargaining rights are maintained.

  • I will help spread the word about the important work me and my colleagues do as public employees.

  • I will support my union brothers and sisters and build SOLIDARITY throughout the workplace.

  • I will never back down from supporting my union and will always speak up for what is right!