Wrap up: 2023 OCSEA Women's Conference

Posted Apr. 25, 2023 by

Annual WAC Conference focuses on activism and motivation

OCSEA members from all around Ohio gathered this past Saturday for the annual Women's Action Committee Conference. The event was held in person at Salt Fork State Park Lodge for the first time since the pandemic.

WAC Chair Annie Pleasant Combs and her committee led the event that included lots of personal motivation, union and community activism and solidarity. President Chris Made, Vice President Rocky Jolly, Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Gerpser and Union Benefits Trust Director Angela Harrington were all on hand to speak to attendees.

The event was kicked off by the all-female DRC State Honor Guide, who presented the colors and honored our nation.

Three female guest speakers inspired the group on top-ics from personal growth to activism. Latrice Snodgrass, a life coach and author, honed in on taking care of your mental and physical health and breaking the stigmas that come with asking for help.

Jen Miller, the Executive Director of the Ohio League of Women Voters, talked about her group’s bipartisan efforts to protect voting and democracy. She asked members to get involved, stand up for their rights and fight legislation and actions harmful to democracy like Ohio's HJR1 and gerrymandering.

Canton City Council Woman Chris Smith talked about taking care of your communities and remembering where you came from. She encouraged members to get involved in making a difference no matter what obstacles are put in their way.

Attendees also gathered stuffed animals for and contributed donations to the Creature Comforts program headed up by Secretary-Treasurer Gersper.

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