Dental bill is back! Senate Bill 87 harms dental benefits

Posted Mar. 30, 2017 by

Ohio Senate Bill 87, heard this week by the Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee, would increase OCSEA members' cost for dental. The union has been keeping a keen eye on this bill since it would increase the cost of non-covered dental services.

Like a bill introduced more than a year ago, this one would prevent benefit administrators, such as Delta Dental, from offering savings to enrollees, including OCSEA members, on non-covered services. The Dental Bil would have a direct impact on OCSEA members who get their dental benefits through the Union Benefits Trust.

In addition to negotiating fees for covered benefits, like fillings and cleanings, insurance companies currently have the right to negotiate lower prices on non-covered services, like laughing gas for children.

If the bill passes, those agreements would not be permitted and insurance providers would no longer be allowed to negotiate cost-savings for services they don't cover. Ultimately, SB 87 would allow dentists to charge unlimited fees for non-covered services.

Read Senate Bill 87.

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