Aetna healthcare to maintain Promedica for Toledo area

Posted Dec. 22, 2018 by

OCSEA is pleased to announce that negotiations with Aetna, the state’s third party administrator for healthcare in the Toledo region, have been resolved with no changes to healthcare for members in that region. As a result, Promedica will continue to remain in-network. As OCSEA members may recall, the Ohio Dept. of Administrative Services benefits staff have been negotiating with Aetna and faced down a Dec. 31 deadline on the plan. Throughout the negotiations, the Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC), which is made up of advocates from both the union and the state, was influential in gathering information on current use of doctors in the Promedica network and encouraged negotiators to come up with a plan that would not increase costs for employees. The JHCC believes maintaining the plan, as is, does just that.