Anti-union in WV move closer to RTW, mock activists

Posted Jan. 27, 2016 by

The political wheels are in motion in our neighboring state of West Virginia as anti-worker politicians position themselves closer toward the passage of ambitious and dangerous anti-worker legislation that includes Right to Work and a prevailing wage repeal.

The West Virginia AFL-CIO says the legislation will lower wages, increase the likelihood of workplace fatalities and encourage government interference between businesses and employees. See why Right to Work is wrong for West Virginia, and every state.

Last week, West Virginia Republican Sen. Robert Karnes inadvertently showed his true colors—going out of his way to insult the union workers who came to Charleston, the state Capitol, to see debate on the Right to Work law. In the video detailing the disrespect, the anti-worker politician mocks union activists and calls them  “free riders” for participating in the political process. In their defense, West Virginia Democrat Sen. Douglas Facemire said, “Shame on anyone of us who disrespects the people who come down here to represent what is near and dear to their heart.”

Whether you’re for the union or against it, no politician should mock citizens who are participating in the political process, the video says. The video creators ask supporters to “Remember who respects working people in West Virginia and who doesn’t” and to urge WV state legislators to stand up against the anti-worker agenda.