Bargaining Blitz: See solidarity events photo gallery

Posted Mar. 25, 2024 by

Members build solidarity with Bargaining Blitz week of events; Union team enters Fact Finding

OCSEA activists across Ohio braved the cold, wind and snow to tell our communities AND the State of Ohio that it is way past due for a fair union contract and wage package.

From Grafton and Lorain Correctional near the brisk Lake Erie to a Cincinnati ODOT garage, and everywhere in between, activists lined streets and town squares to spread the word.

"Public union employees need the State of Ohio to do right by their workers," said Ohio Reformatory for Women Chapter 8010 President Tom Holden. Brother Holden called out his corrections bosses and the management bargaining team for dragging their feet and failing to make a deal with OCSEA.

Activists at the Ohio Veterans Home in Sandusky lined the streets outside the facility that cares for our Ohio veterans, waving signs, chanting for respect and singing "Solidarity Forever." And this was the sentiment across Ohio, from sun up to sun down.

While the majority of pickets were held near correctional facilities and other caretaking facilities, activists in administrative agencies also spoke out and participated in events and social media blitzes.

The union and state Bargaining Teams started the Fact Finding process on Tuesday, with the union making their case for a good-faith contract that helps, not hinders, public union workers in Ohio. A Fact Finding email update will come out at the end of this week.

"I just want to say thank you and God bless all the union brothers and sisters who had the OCSEA Bargaining Team's back this week. You braved all the elements in solidarity, and the team couldn't be more proud," said OCSEA President Chris Mabe."We continue to fight like hell in Fact Finding to show it's way past due to give our members the contract they deserve. The State has the ability to pay!"

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