Spread the word: Belong. Be strong. Be union!

Posted Aug. 30, 2018 by

Workers across the country are working harder while making less. But instead of putting the blame on the greedy where it belongs, anti-union aggressors, like Ohio’s Buckeye Institute, are working hard to divide workers and destroy their unions.

The Buckeye Institute is part of a massive web of anti-union organizations across the nation dedicated to union busting! They are spending millions to break unions and divide workers under the guise of "workplace rights." They were behind efforts to blame public employees for the recession, to cut state pensions and health care and to kill Ohio collective bargaining through Senate Bill 5. Now, post-Janus, they are buying expensive ads on social media, gathering your personal data and calling, emailing, mailing and visiting union members’ homes—all for one reason—to tell public employees to quit their unions.

Let it be known: These groups don't care about you or your rights at work. They only want to roll back the gains—better wages, working conditions and hours—that unions fought to secure. Will you take a stand? When these corporate-funded groups come knocking (or calling or emailing), tell them: "I belong to a union, and I'm proud of it!" Download the Belong. Be Strong. Be Union poster and post it on your front door, in your car or anywhere you want to show your union pride!

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