Big news about your Union Education Trust benefits!

Posted Jun. 19, 2024 by

Great news! Your education benefits are increasing to $8,000 each year!

The Union Education Trust (UET) is excited to announce a generous increase in your annual union-negotiated education benefit. Each educational assistance program is seeing an increase! The entire benefit will see an overall $1,750 INCREASE annually for eligible State of Ohio bargaining unit employees. This UET increase is effective July 1, 2024 with the new UET Fiscal Year. 


What does the increase mean for OCSEA union members? Now you have a grand total of $8,000 to use for educational financial assistance EVERY year. This means an increase throughout all three of the UET's union educational programs to help you reach new heights in your state career.


Going back to college, pursuing vocational or trade school, taking computer training courses and other training opportunities are fantastic ways to achieve employment security and reach your career goals. Now, your UET benefits can go even further to help get you across the finish line.


OCSEA Vice President Rocky Jolly announced the increase at this weekend's OCSEA Steward Conference and urged leaders to take the good news back to their chapters. VP Jolly said the UET trustees are so proud of this program and this increase and will continue fighting for members' education opportunities. "Education is the way forward," he said. "And your union education funds are here to help members grow their potential in every way possible."


Visit the UET website HERE to learn more about your union-negotiated UET education offerings and to apply for your benefit. If you have questions about how you can take advantage of this increase, contact the UET Customer Service Center at 866-436-7900 or email:


Each educational assistance program is seeing an increase!


As a state bargaining unit employee represented by OCSEA,
you are eligible to use union-negotiated educational financial assistance
EVERY year starting on July 1, 2024 for the following:


• Career Improvement Program (CIP) NOW! $5,000 (increasing by $1,000)

• Professional Enhancement (PE) NOW! $2,000 (increasing by $500)

• Computer Application Training (CAT) NOW! $1,000 (increasing by $250)


Your UET benefits have increased by $1,750 each year for a grand total of $8,000! The process for applying is easy. Simply go to to get started.