Build skills, credentials with UET professional enhancement

Posted Oct. 13, 2021 by

Did you know, as an OCSEA member, your Union Education Trust (UET) provides you with up to $1,500 every year for professional enhancement? Through the Trust's Professional Enhancement Program (PE), eligible bargaining unit members receive up to $1,500 every fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) to attend conferences, seminars, workshops and short-term training programs related to their State of Ohio job or future employment opportunities within state government.

This means, no matter what your position with the State, there is an opportunity, with the help of your $1,500 union benefit, to improve your job skills, advance your career and enhance your employment security without breaking the bank. Whether you're an attorney, LPN, engineer, highway technician, office worker or any other employee, the opportunities for on-the-job training, certifications and workplace relations abound. This includes virtual trainings, courses and certifications.

Like the diverse membership OCSEA represents, the options for professional enhancement are vast and the opportunities, honestly, are endless. Last year alone, hundreds of members received trainings and certifications through the UET PE program. Some of those trainings/courses included Data Analytics Certification, Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering, Sepsis and Antibiotic Resistance, Peracetic Acid Application Technology in the Water/Wastewater, and Ethical Theory for Fraud Examiners. While we, honestly, don't know what a lot of those trainings even consist of, we DO know that that knowledge helps make Ohio a better, stronger, safer and healthier place. And that's a good thing! And, we're glad that OCSEA members are making the best of the UET funds to grow and build their skills, for this job and maybe even the next.

Don't miss out! Make this the year that you take advantage of your union-provided educational assistance. The PE Program offers both pre-payment and reimbursement options (Please apply at least 30 days in advance for pre-payment). Learn more about the PE program and all the other UET educational assistance programs (totalling $6,250 per year) at If you have any questions, please contact the Union Education Trust hotline at 866-436-7900 or via email at