Building New Year's resolutions for a stronger union

Posted Jan. 5, 2022 by

While the New Year is the perfect time to make goals for the year ahead, making sure that our UNION POWER is strong all year long is vital to OUR success and prosperity as public employee union members.

As you begin to evaluate your personal priorities for the new year ahead, we hope you will join together with other OCSEA brothers and sisters—dedicated volunteers within the union—in making union participation and education a significant part of your 2022 journey and beyond.

Through the good and bad, we are only as strong and great as the sum of our parts. Want to impact change on the job and within the union? Together as union members, we can build union power that will be reflected in the workplace, in our union contracts and all throughout our communities and lives.

Below, download "OCSEA's 2022 Resolutions for a Stronger Union" to help kickstart and guide your journey into union participation and activism.