SCOTUS decision: Change the nominee not the rule

Posted Apr. 6, 2017 by

How would you feel if your boss changed the rules just so he could hire somebody who’d always agree with him? That shouldn’t happen in any public service career, and it certainly shouldn’t happen in a U.S. Supreme Court appointment, says AFSCME International.

Today, U.S. Senate GOP leaders changed the rules so President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court can get the job. Through something called the “nuclear option,” the Senate now only needs 51 votes to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch instead of the super majority “60” required by law.

This recklessness has been called a “body blow” to the institution of government by Sen. John McCain. He he then backtracked and voted to end 100 years of nomination tradition.

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is being labeled a mainstream judiciary, but worker advocates have examined his record, and he’s far from a mainstream judge.

According to the Washington Post, Gorsuch’s extreme voting behavior suggests that he is even farther to the right than known SCOTUS conservatives Alito and Thomas, and “by a substantial margin.”

Look at Gorsuch’s record against workers, those with disabilities and more. With attacks against public sector union members climbing the judicial ladder, we need someone who is to the center and fair, not a champion of wealthy business owners. The SCOTUS vote is expected tomorrow, Friday, April 7. Contact your Senators and tell them that they should change the nominee not the rules. Tell the Senate to stop the Gorsuch appointment.