Compromise reached on bipartisan Congressional redistricting fix

Posted Feb. 6, 2018 by

In a major victory for fair elections, a compromise was reached among Ohio lawmakers that will place a constitutional amendment on the ballot to enact redistricting reform. Now, on May 8, Ohio voters will have a say about how Congressional districts are drawn that ensures fair maps, fair representation and more competitive state legislative districts. The Senate approved the measure unanimously.

Fair Districts Ohio, the group behind the aggressive push to make redistricting fair, said this could be a major chance to strike a blow against gerrymandering. The plan would make it harder to draw districts that favor one party over another.

"This is a major victory, but our work is just beginning," said Common Cause's Catherine Turcer. "It's time to put everything we have into making sure voters seize this opportunity to stop partisan gerrymandering in Ohio." Groups like the Ohio League of Women Voters vow to continue to collect signatures for a ballot initiative just in case the measure isn't passed by the voters in May. Now it'll be up to the voters on May 8. Read more.