Contact Ohio Senators: Vote NO on Ohio Dental Bill!

Posted Oct. 11, 2023 by

Dental legislation is back and could hurt every Ohioan

Immediate action! Tell your State Senator to stop costly dental bill!

With the cost of every thing on the rise, the last thing Ohioans need is for their dental costs to increase. That's exactly what the Ohio dental bill would do and why we need to stop it! Senate Bill 115 prevents dental insurance providers, like Delta Dental, from being able to negotiate lower fees for YOU and YOUR FAMILY on your non-covered services.

If passed, this serious overreach would give dentists the ability to charge members WHATEVER THEY WANT for non-covered services.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Email and call your State Senator TODAY. Tell them to stop these costly regulation attempts once and for all. TAKE ACTION AT THIS LINK!

OCSEA, your Union Benefits Trust (UBT), and Delta Dental adamantly oppose SB 115, and any others like it. Not only does this directly impact OCSEA members who utilize UBT, this overreach would also cause financial strain to EVERY Ohioan with dental insurance. Download the Delta Dental Frequently Asked Questions for No on SB 115.

Contact your State Senator TODAY! Tell them to STOP the unnecessary dental legislation in its tracks before it's too late!

No on SB 115 Resources: