Contract ratification voting ends May 9

Posted May 2, 2018 by

Active OCSEA members continue to vote on the tentative state union contract. Because voting results are due to OCSEA Central Office by NO LATER than May 10 at noon, all chapter ratification voting meetings must be held prior to May 10. Note: Only active members can vote. Non-active fairshare members can sign a card at a ratification meeting to vote.

Per the OCSEA Constitution, voting must take place at locally-scheduled contract ratification meetings. If you not sure if voting has been held for your chapter yet, visit OCSEA's online calendar to see if your chapter's ratification vote meeting is listed.

Calendar tips:

  • Click the Event Calendar tab to see a full listing of events.
  • To search for your chapter, you can use the search function (Control F) on your keyboard to search using your chapter name or number.

If your chapter's ratification meeting isn't listed, contact a chapter leader for times and locations of their scheduled vote. Your chapter's voting may have already taken place.

OCSEA members will vote on two documents: the Tentative Agreement and the Fact Finder's Report. Both documents were sent out to bargaining unit members by the union over state email. Both are also available on this website (login required). The Tentative Agreement, sent out in mid-April, includes all the language mutually agreed upon up until the point of impasse between OCSEA and the State. The Fact Finder's Report, sent out on April 20, includes a third-party Fact Finder's recommendations on wages, health care, overtime and the appendix on work areas.

Download the flier: Union wins and takeaways that "could have been"