New free Criminal Justice bachelor's offers three areas of study

Posted May 6, 2020 by

Last week, OCSEA and its partners in free college were excited to announce the newest in the line up of free bachelor's degrees for OCSEA members. The newest degree has three areas of study: law enforcement, judicial and corrections. Learn more at

The new criminal justice bachelor's degree is through Central State University online starting the June 22 summer session. It's free to all UET-eligible OCSEA members moving forward thanks to OCSEA-negotiated educational benefits, federal grants and the union last-chance scholarship. And, for a limited time, the degree (through graduation) is free for all family members and non-UET eligible OCSEA members if you sign up by the June 22 session.

The law enforcement emphasis is designed primarily for students who wish to become local, state or federal law enforcement officers (e.g., city police officers, state highway patrol officers or Federal Bureau of Investigation agents). The judicial emphasis is for those students who wish to continue their education in law school or other areas of this branch of the criminal justice system (e.g., victim advocate, pretrial investigator, etc). Finally, the corrections emphasis is best suited for students who wish to work in a correctional setting for juveniles or adults (e.g., correctional caseworker, correctional officer, drug counselor, parole officer or probation officer).

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