Dangerous dental bill makes a comeback

Posted Sep. 26, 2019 by

Senate Bill 148 had its first hearing this week, and while it’s not a new bill, it has a new number. This most recent dental bill aims to do the same damage as previous dental bills, which will be to prevent insurance companies like Delta Dental from negotiating lower prices for non-covered dental services.

That will send the prices of some dental services soaring for OCSEA members and, frankly, for anyone with dental insurance in Ohio. So spread the word to everyone you know!

Dental Associations and dental lobbyists have been lobbying hard to make sure dentists all over the country can charge higher fees for non-covered dental services such as laughing gas for children, teeth whitening, and implants. This could also negatively impact frequency of covered service, including, but not limited to, extra cleanings and fluoride treatments for those with compromised immune systems (i.e., cancer patients, those undergoing radiation, and diabetics). In fact, Ohio is one of only about 10 states that have not yet passed this dangerous law.

OCSEA has been at the forefront of opposing this bill since it will have a negative impact on our members’ dental benefits and would allow dentists to charge unlimited fees for non-covered services. Let your state senator know you oppose Senate Bill 148. Look them up HERE.