Dental bill rears its ugly head again.

Posted May 10, 2023 by

That's right, the General Assembly's dental bill is back. Despite pushing back on this harmful bill year after year, state legislators keep pushing the legislation that would raise costs on any Ohioan with dental insurance. This session, the dangerous dental legislation can be found in Senate Bill 115 and House Bill 160. It's time to push back again.

If passed, the dental bill would give dentists the freedom to charge Ohioans, including OCSEA members, whatever they want for non-covered dental services. Not only would it in-crease dental costs for OCSEA members and families covered under the Union Benefits Trust (your dental administrator), it would increase costs for EVERY Ohioan who has dental insur-ance. OCSEA and the UBT says it would prevent dental insurance providers, like Delta Dental, from negotiating lower fees for non-covered services. The UBT is adamantly opposed to the bill, has testified against similar bills in the past and will continue to speak out against this leg-islation.

Stay tuned here for updates and actions around protecting your dental benefits. If this moves forward into the House (which it likely will), we will be calling on legislators to vote NO in any capacity on this overreaching and costly legislation. Let's make sure it goes away for good, once and for all.