Download your leader newsletter now

Posted Nov. 9, 2017 by

In order to get information to leaders as quickly as possible, OCSEA has begun targeting OCSEA leaders with email communications that relates directly to them and the members they serve. This includes leader-focused emails, like this one, that aren’t exactly of interest to the average OCSEA member but ensure that officers and stewards get timely union news. This is something that snail mail can’t always provide.

 While the union continues to distribute our leader newsletter, New Directions, through the mail, for now, this electronic version will give leaders the same information, quicker. The latest edition of the leader newsletter, New Directions, will hit leaders’ home mailboxes this week. As always, New Directions is available for download on our website. Get it here.

Coming soon! Please stay tuned to these emails and our website for more information on union email subscription options, which will allow leaders and members alike to prioritize their e-news topics and receive only the union news that matters to them.