First week in May marks Correctional Officer week

Posted May 1, 2018 by

National Correctional Officers Week will honor Correction Officers across the country for the important work they do protecting our communities and keeping our prisons safe. This year, those dates fall on May 6-12 with Ohio's kick-off event taking place on Friday, May 3 at the Ronald C. Marshall Ohio Correction Officer of the Year Awards Banquet.

That event will recognize all Ohio Correction Officers of the Year from each institution. One will be selected to serve as the Ohio Correction Officer of the Year statewide.

This week in May we take time to recognize some of the forgotten heroes who have one of the toughest jobs in the country: keeping us safe by keeping criminals locked up.

While Correction Officers are often unsung and unrecognized for their important jobs, we believe the work of a Correction Officer is one of the most important in a civil society. It is Correction Officers who not only protect and serve our communities, they also have the difficult task and amazing responsibility of limiting the freedom of those who would do us harm and rehabilitating them to make a better life.

And no one does it better than State of Ohio Correction Officers!

To all Correction Officers out there: We thank you!

To view all the Correction Officers of the year, go HERE.