Free college benefit helps members do the impossible

Posted Mar. 1, 2017 by

The winter edition of the OCSEA magazine tells the stories of members who are going back to school thanks to OCSEA's free college benefit...and change their lives for the better. Eastern Gateway Community College is a FREE online associate degree program available to all OCSEA members, their dependents, spouses and grandchildren.

Ivy Caselli, a 26-year old single mom who works for the Dept. of Public Safety, says, "I just want to take my career as far as I can. And the fact that my union feels the same way is awesome."

Bryan Cremeans, a 27-year old Corrections Officer from Chillicothe working in Columbus, says “It’s nice to have a union that can provide us with such a useful benefit. A lot of us wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise.”

Download the magazine and read their stories on Pages 4-5.