Grassroots Challenge: Call on local officials to support unions

Posted Jul. 18, 2018 by

OCSEA leaders! It's time to make it easier to join together in unions to improve our communities and provide for our families. And that starts with leaders, like you, taking action on the local level! In the face of attacks on unions, we must demand that our community and elected officials across America make a promise and say: "We're sticking with the union!"

Join in on this first (of many) grassroots challenge of the post-Janus world. Your challenge? Send letters and emails to your mayor and other influential members of your community and urge them to take the union pledge and create and back resolutions that support union rights! Take action!

  1. Tell them to join the growing list of town and city leaders who have already pledged.
  2. Tell them to denounce Right to Work.
  3. Tell them to take steps to strengthen our voices by standing up to attempts to divide working people  and publicly supporting union rights.
  4. Tell them that unions help improve the standard of living in our communities, ensure high-quality jobs for working families in our cities, and reduce demand for public benefits. 
  5. Tell them that a strong labor movement is necessary for the future of our cities and our country.