Grow your career, skills with your Union Education Trust

Posted Jun. 26, 2023 by

Grow your career, skills with your Union Education Trust

Are you ready to grow your career or improve your job skills? The Union Education Trust, or UET, is here to help! Every State of Ohio OCSEA dues-paying member is eligible for the UET's annual education benefit up to $6,250 per year.

That's right, thanks to the state union contract, state OCSEA members like you can receive a union-negotiated educational stipend EVERY YEAR. This can be used to go back to college or to take trainings that help improve your skills for your current job or a future job. You can also get training to help you be a better union leader or facilitator.

Start planning your year now. The new UET fiscal year kicks off this Saturday, July 1. That means your union-negotiated union education benefit amount starts over for the next year and will be available to help you grow your educational opportunities. The UET fiscal year is July 1 through June 30 each year. Please note: UET funds do not roll over year to year. The annual benefit is use it or lose it.

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Click HERE to download the latest UET flyer to share with your union co-workers, at chapter meetings and on union bulletin boards.