Healthcare UPDATE: Promedica/Aetna Toledo

Posted Dec. 12, 2018 by

OCSEA has been told that the Ohio Dept. of Administrative Services benefits staff are having daily conversations with Aetna, the state’s third party administrator for healthcare in the Toledo region. Both parties continue to negotiate in an effort to keep Promedica in-network.

The deadline is December 31 for them to reach an agreement. OCSEA and the Joint Health Care Committee will send out an update as soon as we are made aware of the results of their discussions.

Should the parties not be able to come to an agreement, Promedica would be considered out-of-network and, as a result, would be more costly for OCSEA members.

JHCC, which is made up of advocates from both the union and the state, is working to gather information on current use of doctors in the Promedica network as well as discussing options for the continuation of care should the parties not be able to come to an agreement.