Honoring labor's vast Black history

Posted Feb. 19, 2024 by

Celebrating Black History Month: Black history is labor history!

Labor rights are civil rights, and labor history is Black history. From our earliest days, AFSCME has been a union of working people fighting for justice and equality. We’re proud of all the ways our members and leaders have stood up for civil rights throughout the long history of our union.

Throughout U.S. labor history, Black workers have played a key role not only in forming unions, but helping secure improved pay, benefits and working conditions even amid ongoing discrimination. From A. Philip Randolph and Dorothy Lee Bolden, black activists have led the way! 

Download the February Union Bulletin Board Network packet, which includes an important Black History Month flyer to post on your union boards, offices or to share with co-workers as we celebrate this important month and our important union history. Or directly download the flyer HERE

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