Make the Power of Bargaining Pledge

Posted Jan. 18, 2017 by

“Be Prepared.” That’s OCSEA motto as preparations are already underway for union contract negotiations with the State of Ohio later this year. The OCSEA contract for state employees expires in February 2018, but union leaders are working hard NOW to reach out directly to union members, gauge their needs and concerns…and to ask for their collective support.

Despite talk by the Kasich administration that budgets are tight and cutbacks are inevitable, OCSEA wants to make sure those cut backs are not made on the backs of its members, who are state employees. OCSEA President Chris Mabe says that a unified membership is key to that success! “When we sit across from the Governor at the bargaining table, we have all the power of our collective membership. And that’s a lot of power!” said Mabe.

Starting the week of January 23, OCSEA members will be asked to show their support for union contract negotiators. OCSEA Pledge Cards will be available in every work site from local chapter leaders and OCSEA staff representatives.

Each OCSEA chapter will receive enough Pledge Cards for every member to fill one out and show their solidarity with OCSEA’s upcoming bargaining process. Union leaders will also use this process for making sure that the union has accurate addresses, phone numbers and emails for all its members, as well as to engage “fairshare” members who may want to get involved in their union and vote on the contract.

An Online Pledge Card will also be available coming soon!