Making Women’s History Month relevant NOW!

Posted Mar. 4, 2019 by

March is Women’s History Month so we’re taking this opportunity to talk about the incredible women who were and ARE instrumental to the labor movement. AFSCME reminds us of some of these super heroes in a new piece about some of the female voices who have been all but forgotten.

The OCSEA Public Employee Quarterly magazine, in its most recent issue, also highlighted some incredible OCSEA women who are instrumental in helping move either the union or their communities forward now.

Karen Ryther and helped recruit new stewards like Arcya Jacobs, and ensured members in the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities got relevant contract training. A bargaining team of predominantly women from the Attorney General’s office including Deana Grey, Amber Jicha, Liaca Kramer, Orlando Ashley and Lynn Moore, assisted in winning an historic contract with an educational benefit in the AGs office. And a new direct care staff from MVDC, Marlana Simpson, (still on probation) stopped on her way to work to save a motorist in a near-fatal accident in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning.

Women leaders and champions aren’t just evident in the formal ranks of union leadership (although they are definitely there too), but can also be found in all sorts of places and in all sorts of roles. All one has to do is look.

If you know of a woman in your workplace who should be recognized this month, please email

And don’t forget, OCSEA’s Women’s Action and Community Affairs Committees host the annual Women, Minority and Community Affairs Conference. This event gives members the tools they need to build stronger workplaces and protect the rights of women and minorities in public service. Save the Date! The OCSEA WAC/CMCA Conference is June 7-8 in Perrysburg, OH.