Member outreach calls: We want to check in with you!

Posted Jul. 15, 2020 by

The launch of the OCSEA Member Resource Center on July 1 also coincides with another round of member outreach phone calls by OCSEA staff. The purpose of the calls is to check in with members, answer questions, and address any on-the-job concerns.

Please know that these calls are 100 percent legitimate. If you received a call from someone at the union, we are asking that you return that call by contacting the OCSEA Member Resource Center at 1-888-OCSEA11 (1-888-627-3211).  If you would prefer to talk to someone over email, you can also contact the MRC at

This outreach is particularly vital as we continue to experience an up-tick in COVID-19 cases across the state. Members are urged to notify the union if they feel they are unsafe on the job or if they think their workplace is experiencing an increase in cases.

Members are also being asked to contact the union with cost-savings recommendations that could aid with the state's projected $2.5 billion dollar shortfall. Send cost-savings input to Members are also urged to contact a union steward or OCSEA field staff person immediately if they believe that the union contract is being violated or if managers are attempting to direct deal with union employees about cost-savings measures that impact the union contract.