Members join in solidarity to elect Bargaining Team

Posted Jul. 16, 2017 by

On July 8, hundreds of OCSEA members turned out in Columbus to elect the OCSEA State Bargaining Team. During each bargaining cycle, the team members are elected by bargaining unit to member concerns at every job level are taken into consideration at the bargaining table. Negotiations for the main state union contract will begin later this year, with the current contract expiring at the end of February 2018.The new contract will run 2018-2021.

While the team is just starting their preparations, OCSEA leaders have been hard at work since March prepping for the upcoming bargaining by calling its members one-on-one for feedback. The massive phone member-outreach effort has been successful in gauging the real issues of concern for OCSEA members. The one-on-one outreach will give the team a lot of fuel, feedback and solidarity needed to move forward.

OCSEA Bargaining Team:
BU 3 Doug Korba, Jerry Brown, Shelly King, Wilson Humphrey, Scott Dye

BU 4 Jeana Campolo, Jason Underhill

BU 5 Jeff Condo

BU 6 Gary Apanasewicz 

BU 7 Craig Martin, Colleen McDanel

BU 9 Shirley Hubbert, Dawn Hunley, Willis McClure

BU 13 Chuck Goins

BU 14 Matt Tyack, Cathy Deck, Rocky Jolly

President Chris Mabe

Vice President Kelvin Jones

Secy-Treasurer Kathy Stewart