New member looks forward to the benefits of being union

Posted Jan. 11, 2024 by

When LaToya Walker moved from Akron to Columbus this past summer, she wasn't sure what lie ahead for her and her family. But the life change has led to a position in public service and union benefits that have her excited for the future.

LaToya recently signed her OCSEA union membership card as a new employee with the Ohio Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services (MHAS). "I'm really new to the job and to the union, but I'm excited for the education benefits that could help my family," said LaToya, a single mom who has two sons, one who is a young adult. She says she's really interested in gathering more information on discount college to assist her son who works in highway construction out-of-state.

LaToya says the prospects of being union aren't new to her, but after being a Property Manager for 10 years and also working in the health care field prior to state service, she's ready for a new change and to try something new. "The union has a lot to offer, and I'm looking forward to learning about all of that," she said.

As a new member, LaToya is also ready to do what she can to support her OCSEA Bargaining Team and seeing what the new contract will have to offer. She's looking forward to voting on the contract for the first time, too. Did you know, even members with less than one year of service are permitted to vote on the union contract? That's right! All active dues-paying members, even those still within their State probationary period, are eligible to vote on the union contract.