New Year. New You. Your UBT union-negotiated benefits

Posted Jan. 9, 2020 by

Welcome to 2020! The New Year is a time for self-reflection and self betterment. It's also the perfect time to take advantage of your union-negotiated benefits, especially those bargained for union members by the Union Benefits Trust (UBT).

Did you know, thanks to your union membership, your Union Benefits Trust effectively and more affordably offers dental, vision, life insurance benefits and legal services to approximately 35,000 union-represented State employees.

The Trust is the product of decades of work by State employee union members and UBT staff. OCSEA, your union, established the Trust through collective bargaining in its 1992-1994 contract agreement with the State of Ohio. With the members they represent first and foremost on their minds, the unions believed that they could administer benefits more effectively and efficiently for union-represented State employees. And your UBT today is proof of your union dues at work! Without your membership, the Trust would not exist!

So, as the New Year begins, make sure you take advantage of all your union-negotiated UBT benefits. Get those new glasses you've needed, get dental cleanings for the whole family, add that supplemental life insurance you've been meaning to add, or get your personal legal affairs in order. Your Union Benefits Trust is located in the same building as your union and is made up of experienced, union-affiliated staff who are here to help you start off the New Year right! Learn more about the Union Benefits Trust at