No Layoffs as all Hocking members get placed following closure

Posted Feb. 15, 2018 by

Today the union received the contractually obligated rationale for the closure of Hocking Correctional Facility. The rationale states that the closure is for reasons of economy.

The union fought to avoid any layoffs and ensure all members were placed at other institutions. Under OCSEA's contract with the state, OCSEA members were allowed to be placed at other facilities using Article 18.14.

Any member who chose to be placed outside of Southeastern Correctional Complex will be placed effective March 4. Half of the employees who chose to be placed at Southeast Correctional Institution will be placed March 4, and the final group will be placed March 18.

"The Corrections Assembly delegates and leadership did an excellent job in working through these tough issues. The leadership at both Hocking and SCI also did an amazing job working with OCSEA staff and board members to ensure a smooth transition. This is not the outcome we wanted, but our contract at least protected our members' rights and ensured their continued employment with the state," said OCSEA President Chris Mabe.