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Register  for Oct. 16 Alternative Contract Conference

Local, Alternative contract members to come together for Oct. 16 online conference  

Registered? Check your email for the Click Here to Join email. That email came directly from Zoom and includes the link to access the event via Zoom.

OCSEA members who fall under the union's local and alternative contracts (NOT State) will come together on Saturday, Oct. 16 for OCSEA's first-ever Alternative Contract Committee (ACC) Conference. The online-only event will allow OCSEA's local and alternative contract members to learn more about their common connections and to celebrate recent contract victories. While this event is specifically tailored for OCSEA members who DO NOT fall under the main State Contract, all activists are more than welcome to attend to learn more about the union's local and alternative contracts.

Event Details

When: Saturday, October 16 | 10 a.m.-noon

Where: On Zoom | Download Full Agenda

Additional day-of-conference resources: Event Presentation | Garrity Warning form | Local/Alt Contract Board and staff assignments | New member local government resources


10:00-10:10 a.m. - OCSEA Forging Ahead for a Brighter Future

10:10-10:20 a.m. - Welcome

10:20-10:35 a.m. - Coming Together As A Union

10:35-11:00 a.m. - Union Membership: Is It Really All It Is Cracked Up To Be?

11:00-11:30 a.m. - Weingarten & Garrity Rights; Grievance Processing

11:30-11:45 a.m. - Charge to Members to Forge Ahead

11:45 a.m.-noon - Member Resource Center, Wrap Up, Survey & Prizes

In case you weren't aware, there are small pockets of OCSEA members covered under separate, stand-alone union contracts also bargained directly by members. OCSEA has 15 separate local government and smaller executive agency collective bargaining agreements. These include a dozen local city and county contracts and three “alternative contracts,” for the executive branch state agencies, the Ohio Attorney General, Ohio Auditor of State, and Ohio Treasurer of State offices.

OCSEA union activists in the Ohio Attorney General's Office, the Ohio Treasurer of State, Richland County Engineers and Mount Vernon City have all bargained successful contracts directly with their employers this year. OCSEA member bargainers from the City of Cortland are currently preparing to head to the bargaining table to renegotiate their contract. See all of OCSEA's stand-alone contracts in the OCSEA Toolbox.