OCSEA Free College Benefit is saving union members millions

Posted Sep. 12, 2018 by

Sometimes you have to put a number to something to show the real difference it's making in people's lives. The positive impact of OCSEA's FREE college initiative through Eastern Gate-way Community is no different. Since the beginning of the program, OCSEA members and their families have been awarded over $1.3 million ($1,380,898, to be exact) in FREE college scholarships. Yes, that's correct, $1.3 million––meaning OCSEA members paid abso-lutely NOTHING out of pocket so that they or their family member could pursue their dream of an associates degree in a multitude of fields.

This is just another way that your union is looking out for families, their futures––and their wallets. Learn more at Second Fall session classes begin Oct. 15.