Honor Corrections Week with free college for correction employees

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Your union, OCSEA, offers members, spouses, children and grandchildren a Free College Benefit so you can earn your Associate Degree online from Eastern Gateway Community College—For Free! Programs include:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Associate or Arts
  • Business Management
  • Early Childhood Education

Go to OCSEAEDUCATION.ORG to get started.

Your Corrections Academy Certificate is worth up to 19 College Credits!

Students with a Corrections background can choose any of the programs offered through this union benefit, but Correction Employees who choose the criminal justice program could leapfrog into their education and complete their degree in criminal justice in less than 18 months!

The Criminal Justice program helps current and aspiring Law Enforcement professionals build on the skills they need to expand their professional and education opportunities. Students who present a certificate of completion from the State of Ohio Corrections Training Academy are eligible to receive up to 19 credits toward their criminal justice degree, so you can finish your degree in 18 months or less. And the program is structured so you can easily transfer to a 4 year college when you’re done.


Set your schedule around both your work and personal life.

With a Certificate of Completion from the State of Ohio Corrections Training Academy, you may already have the following classes out of the way: Introduction to Criminal Justice, Correctional Institutions in America, Crime Prevention, Victimology, Constitutional Rights of Prisoners, Community Based Corrections, Succeeding in College.

Please let your advisor know that you have completed the Corrections Training Academy.

That leaves the following courses: Procedural Law, English, Statistics, Police Function, Criminal Investigation, English Composition 2 or Technical and Professional Writing, Introduction to Sociology, Criminology, General Psychology, Homeland Security, Introduction to Criminal Law, Juvenile Delinquency, American Government, Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communications.

Eastern Gateway Community College is committed to helping students earn their degree.

We believe completing your degree leads to greater opportunities, including better pay and promotions. We work with each student to get credit for previous certifications, college and relevant work experience. EGCC is part of the University System of Ohio, so the credits you earn will transfer to other colleges.

Go to OCSEAEDUCATION.ORG to get started.