OCSEA launches electronic membership card

Posted Jul. 9, 2018 by

If you’re checking out OCSEA-member discounts, free and discounted college or more, you might be asked to sign a new electronic membership card to reach the benefits section of the OCSEA website.

Fairshare members, new hires and others who have not yet signed a union membership card and who try to access the OCSEA members-only benefits online will be asked if they’d like to become a member by signing a new electronic membership card right there on the spot.

Some dues-paying active members might also be asked to sign a new card when they go to log in. Don't be alarmed!!! In those cases, OCSEA is just making sure that cards for all active members are up-to-date and contain the correct information, including phone numbers and email addresses. Current members may be asked to resign to update their contact information or may have an old or unreadable card on file. Be rest assured, no additional dues is being taken out for current, active members.