OCSEA leaders, staff participate in massive member outreach

Posted Mar. 22, 2017 by

OCSEA leaders and staff converged this past weekend to participate in the greatest member outreach that OCSEA has ever seen. With contract negotiations approaching later this year, and the election of the OCSEA Bargaining Team this summer, OCSEA's top goal is to reach out to every single member.

Over two days, OCSEA leaders reached out to nearly 5,800 members and spoke directly to 1,600 of them about their bargaining priorities, benefits and the upcoming budget impact on state services. Union leaders will continue to reach out to its membership for a one-on-one dialogue throughout the spring and summer.

OCSEA members who would like to share their bargaining priorities are encouraged to call 614-948-1036.

In years past, OCSEA has sent out bargaining surveys to gather the input of its members. But with only a 10% return rate, typically,​ on those surveys, OCSEA Pres. Chris Mabe thought it would be more productive to call members directly to determine their bargaining priorities and to talk about all the issues impacting the membership.

"We already had so many meaningful and constructive conversations with our rank-and-file membership about the direction we should take this round of bargaining and as a union" said Mabe. "Our members really are in tune with their jobs and the improvements that need to made. We're really inspired as we move forward and to keep the conversation going."

OCSEA members will elect their Bargaining Team on July 8 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Columbus beginning at 8 a.m. Any member can attend and run.​

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Member Outreach