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Election Day is tomorrow. Are you prepared?

An historically large amount of Ohio registered voters have already cast their ballots for the midterm elections. While early voting has officially closed in Ohio as of 2 p.m. today, Ohio voters will have one last chance to vote on Election Day tomorrow. The polls are open in Ohio tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8 from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Just a reminder, you must vote at your assigned polling location. And, don't forget your ID or other Ohio Secretary of State-required proof of identity.

Union members across the country will make their voices heard at the ballot box. And for so many working families, voting "union" will be at the top of their voting priority lists. What's it mean to vote union? For public union members, it means supporting candidates who support public service and public pensions; it means standing with candidates who support your union contract and your right to bargain; and it means choosing those who fight for affordable health care and an economy that works for working people, not billionaires.

Go to for your Vote Union Sample Ballot and to get more Election Day resources.

DYS to implement body-worn cameras, OC spray

In a major announcement from Director Amy Ast, two security measures will be implemented in the Department of Youth Services after numerous weeks that resulted in serious injuries to staff. In an email, the DYS Director announced that the agency will be implementing body-worn cameras as well as OC spray.

Union leaders have long asked for the use of OC spray as a deterrent to violence and to keep Juvenile Correction Officers and other staff safe. In her memo to staff, Director Ast indicated that OC spray will help “reduce injuries to staff who by policy relied on the use of physical restraint.” That could also keep staff from being off on Workers Compensation or disability leave.

Additionally, the agency will form a “multi-disciplinary committee,” that will include OCSEA leaders who will “review and revise the current use-of-force policy and use-of-force continuum.”

Union leaders in DYS said of the announcement that at least management is listening and taking suggestions from union members now.

Before either measure goes into effect, management will be talking to union leaders regarding how they would be implemented, what the training will look like, who’s going to carry OC spray, among other considerations. Watch this space for updates.

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Last week, OCSEA and AFSCME activists joined their Indian River Youth Services SEIU District 1199 brothers and sisters on the picket line in Massillon to educate the community about the dangers of understaffing and violence plaguing Ohio's youth correctional facilities. See photos from the event HERE.

Feeling THANKFUL this november? Tell us all about it!

For so many, being in a union is definitely something that makes them thankful. From affordable health care in a growingly expensive world to job security in an ever-changing economy, union public employees know the the power that comes with a collectively bargained union contract, especially in a world where so many workers have very little say on the job. That includes new OCSEA member Shaun Nitschke, who recently came on with the state as a Correction Officer at the Toledo Correctional Institution. "I am thankful for the security and assistance that OCSEA provides locally and beyond," he says.

Are you thankful for the benefits and security that come with being a public union member? Tell us why you're thankful to be union HERE. With so much negativity in the world, we'd love to share what OCSEA members are thankful for and spread a little gratitude this holiday season.

Labor Gives back: Chapters kick up their holiday Charitable giving

OCSEA member charitable giving is ramping up as we make our way into the holiday season. And we aren't surprised, as public employee union members are always dedicated to giving back to their communities and make the world a better place.

Just this past weekend Richland Chapter 7000 members held a holiday gathering and raised $2,300 for two local charities chosen by the chapter: Hospice of Richland County and the Crawford County Council on Aging. The chapter also announced a non-perishable food and household cleaning supplies drive for Harmony House in Mansfield.

OCSEA subordinate bodies also recently stepped up for OCSEA Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Gersper's bear and stuffed animal drive. For more than a decade, Kathy's Creature Comforts has been providing stuffed bears and other huggable stuffed animals to children staying at domestic violence shelters. OCSEA District 3 Council, Central Ohio Chapter 2513, and Chapter 3100 have all donated to the cause. Union Label and Service Trades Council also recently donated as well. Interested in donating to Creature Comforts? Contact

Join the Giving Tuesday Chapter Challenge on November 29

Giving Tuesday is November 29, and OCSEA chapters are being challenged to give back. What will your chapter do to give back this Giving Tuesday? We challenge every chapter to join in and make a difference! Download the Giving Tuesday Toolkit and then make a plan to do something good with your chapter brothers and sisters. Make sure to tag @OCSEA on social media with hashtags #LaborGivesBack #GivingTuesday.

What's your chapter's charitable plan for the holiday season? We'd love to hear about it and tell the world about it! Share your Labor Gives Back story and photos at Don't forget to tag @OCSEA on social media with hashtags #LaborGivesBack and #OCSEA. Need help promoting your charitable event or want coverage for a union story? We can help with that too!