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Public employee therapists use talents to aid patients with recovery

For OCSEA members Katy Sherman and Laura Clevenger, mental health care is always on their minds, every day, in everything they do. As public employee adjunctive therapists at Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare Hospital in Columbus, Katy, Laura and their mental health therapist team use their skills in arts and recreation to better the lives of those for which they care. Read their story of public service and more in the latest edition of the OCSEA magazine at

As public employees with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (MHAS), Katy and Laura are highly-skilled professionals who have dedicated their careers to artistic healing. Using their specialized artistic fields and therapeutic and psychological expertise, they are able to offer a refuge that, when combined with traditional therapies, provides avenues of healing for patients at the public facility.

“Mental health is important for every one of us. It is so important that we shatter the stigma surrounding mental illness and recognize that mental illness does not discriminate,” said Katy. She wants Ohioans to know that public employees are impacting our communities even where they can’t see it.

“Working in mental health aligns with my long-standing beliefs that mental health care is critical to society. I’m not only thinking of those with diagnosable illnesses but of people who are getting by but could live happier, more satisfying lives. Public service allows me to contribute to the good of the community while enjoying the benefits of my work,” said Laura.

AFSCME Convention: honoring sacrifices, building strength and renewing commitment to worker power

This week, AFSCME union activists are gathering in Philadelphia for the 45th AFSCME International Convention. Every two years, thousands of AFSCME members and retirees from across the nation join together to discuss issues of vital importance to our communities, our workplaces and our union and to take action. AFSCME and OCSEA delegates set our union’s priorities for the future, renew shared commitments and strategize to make us stronger. This week they'll be passing amendments and resolutions, attending workshops and events and bringing back their knowledge to their local union chapters. They'll also be rallying with workers at the Philadelphia Museum of Art who are seeking to organize a union.

AFSCME President Lee Saunders highlighted the sacrifices public service workers nationwide have made since the pandemic began, the challenges we have overcome and the victories we have achieved. He said we must not give up until all public service workers have a seat at the table. The strength of our union, Saunders said, comes from the support we offer each other, our union and our communities even in the toughest of times.

“AFSCME family, above all, our strength comes from our unity and solidarity, the confidence of knowing I have your back and you have mine,” he said. “That there is always a convoy behind you. That you’re never alone in the fight. That we’re always all together.”

AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride talked about the importance of telling the real stories and sacrifices of public service. The "story of NOW" is the story of "what we do every day to make a difference," she said. McBride encouraged delegates to reflect on the stories that make them who they are as public service workers, union member and activists, and to share those stories to make themselves and their union stronger.

“Each of you in this room has an incredible story of self. Or many! A story of what led you to public service, a story of what sparked you to become an activist,” she said. “The story of self is your personal leadership story…Those stories have tremendous power to build support for public services.”

Both speeches piggybacked off of the convention theme, All Together, which reiterates the power of ALL union members, not just a few, to make workplaces safer, to give workers a real voice on the job and to promote and protect public services for future generations.

honoring the legacy of union great, Jerry McEntee

The AFSCME Convention kicked off Monday with a somber yet uplifting remembrance program honoring former AFSCME International President Jerry McEntee, who died Sunday at age 87.

Jerry McEntee was a visionary leader and one of the most fearless, ferocious advocates working people have ever had. Standing up for public service workers was his passion and his life’s work. From the moment he became an AFSCME member 66 years ago, he has never let up in the fight. For 31 years, Pres. McEntee led AFSCME to historic growth through aggressive organizing while also making AFSCME a political powerhouse, with his innate understanding that political action was essential to giving working people a voice, from the White House down to every city council across the country.

Jerry was also a man of joyful, infectious energy and a lively storyteller with a tremendous sense of humor, said his legacy storytellers. His down-to-earth charm drew people to him, just one of the qualities that made him a great leader. Rest in peace, brother. You will be missed, but your legacy will carry on. Click below to watch the Jerry McEntee Legacy video:

downtown Columbus union open house kicked off this week, continues through July

OCSEA's Open House Meet & Greets in downtown Columbus kicked off this week and will continue throughout the month of July. The first of the six events was today, but if you missed it, there is also an Open House tomorrow, Thursday July 14, from 11AM-2PM at 65 E State St., Suite 1.

See below for all the Open House dates throughout July.

The event is open to all OCSEA members but our members, activists and new employees who work in downtown Columbus office buildings are especially encouraged to attend during their lunch hour. It's the perfect opportunity to learn more about your union benefits and getting involved in your local union chapters. There will be door prizes raffled off for those who attend. Download event flier.

Event: Lunchtime OCSEA Open House Meet & Greet

Location: 65 E. State St., Suite 1, Columbus, OH 43215
Capitol Square Office Tower, ground floor, directly next door to the Ohio Theater to the east.

Dates and Time: 11AM–2PM

  • Thursday, July 14 | RSVP
  • Tuesday, July 19 | RSVP
  • Thursday, July 21 | RSVP
  • Tuesday, July 26 | RSVP
  • Wednesday, July 27 | RSVP


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