ODJFS Update on Teleworking Changes

Posted Oct. 20, 2017 by

A meeting took place yesterday, Oct. 19, between ODJFS management and the union regarding management’s plan to eliminate teleworking. The following is a brief recap of what was discussed. Management intends to notify affected employees on Monday of their plan:

- Notifications letters will be mailed to all affected teleworking employees on 10/23-10/24.

- Phase 1 employees (those who travel 30 miles or less) will be brought back in to their HQ on 11/13.

- Phase 2 & 3 employees will be brought back in in the spring around March. No specific date was given.

- After everyone has been brought back into a work location, the agency is willing to work with the union to do headquarter county changes to a closer location for the phase 2 & 3 folks, based on seniority, if there is available space. This will be voluntary on the members’ part. 

- Juli Smith is putting out a smart working policy for the Compliance Auditors and Investigators. (Once we see what that looks like, we will address it further.)

- Southeastern Ohio is still facing the biggest hardship mileage wise (One member would be driving 96 miles, one way). The agency stated they are in talks with DAS and are trying to find a state facility to utilize, but have not yet identified one yet.

- The mileage was calculated from the members’ home address in OAKS and the route with the least number of miles through Google maps.

Look for additional information through your enews and on OCSEA’s website. If you have questions, please contact your chapter or ODJFS assembly leadership.