Ohio voting rights cases heard this week

Posted Aug. 3, 2016 by

Lately, a national spotlight has shined on Ohio’s voting rights….and not in a good way. Two cases that limit Ohioans voting rights are being heard in federal appeals court this week.

One case concerns the elimination of Golden Week, the week when Ohioans can both register to vote and vote at the same time, and a period which African American voters took advantage of, in particular. Secretary of State Jon Husted eliminated that week in Ohio but the decision was overruled in federal court. SOS Husted has challenged that decision.

Another court challenge brought by a group in Northeast Ohio deals with Husted’s plans to purge voters from the voter rolls if they haven’t voted in two back to back federal elections. This “use it, or lose it” policy is affecting as many as 200,000 voters, according to research by Public Broadcast Systems NewsHour.

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