From President Mabe: Looking to Friday's Rally for Respect

Posted Jun. 10, 2022 by

Dear OCSEA Activists and Future Activists

A week from today, we’ll be gathering downtown with our fellow union brothers and sisters and numerous coalition partners for a Rally for Respect. I’ve heard so many words of solidarity from our friends in labor: the teacher’s union, the Troopers, SEIU Local 1199, our AFL-CIO partners, our AFSCME affiliate brothers and sisters plus so many other individuals and elected officials who support us. They all tell me they wouldn’t miss our rally for the world!

It’s my hope that you can join us with some of your fellow chapter members too, if for no other reason than to witness the support that is pouring out for you and the work you do. It has been heartwarming to see the amount of support we have. It reassures me that together as a union, we are making a difference, that this rally matters and that mobilizing together is how we fight back.

I know times have been hard—even now. Many of us are going about our lives and living with the pandemic. But the effects of the pandemic are still here. Many of us became ill, were quarantined or had to take care of loved ones who were sick. Some of us even lost colleagues, friends or family members. Others of you continue to work insane amounts of overtime. I’ve had many members tell me they want to come to the rally but have no leave-time left or fear they’ll be mandated or are too short staffed. We get that, and we understand the burdens you carry.

If you are in this group, know that the rest of us will carry your message to the Statehouse. You have worked hard for two years; you are still working hard for Ohio, and all you want is RESPECT and fair compensation. It's as simple as that. And even though you may not make it, you can show your support for the rally by wearing something green on rally day or an OCSEA t-shirt (pull out those old shirts from our Senate Bill 5 days). Let’s show them no matter where we are, we’re in this together.  

I want to strongly encourage anyone who can come, to PLEASE join us. We need to show this administration and State managers that THIS is what solidarity looks like!!!  Some of you haven’t been downtown Columbus to a rally since Senate Bill 5. Well, NOW is the time to dust off those rally t-shirts, grab a sign and a friend and join in the fight!

We’ve got a great lineup of speakers, including AFSCME International President Lee Saunders. We’re also going to be hearing from our members who were on the front lines of through the entire pandemic. We want to collect your stories too, because everyone's story is worth telling!

Down at the rally, there will be many actions you can take, like signing a petition and writing letters. There will also be a poster-making station and a place to tell YOUR story at the rally. 

Busses are available from every corner of the state to make it easy for you to join in. There's also plenty of parking at your OCSEA Union Hall in Westerville with a shuttle to the Statehouse going throughout the day. Please RSVP so we have an idea of how many are coming and who needs a bus. RSVP and get all your rally resources at


In Solidarity,

OCSEA President Chris Mabe


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