SB 329 eliminates agencies if legislators don’t act

Posted Oct. 5, 2016 by

OCSEA members have by now heard about the dangerous bill that could eliminate entire state agencies overnight –– even if a committee sits on its hands and does nothing. Senate Bill 329 is an extreme and scary proposition and one that is raising plenty of ire among good government groups, pro-worker lawmakers and labor unions.

SB 329 would do what no other state has ever done: consider “sunsetting” or eliminating entire executive state agencies simply by inaction of a minor committee. Currently, dozens of states have sunset laws but none go as far as Ohio and most have more stakeholders at the table.

SB 329 would utilize small committees selected by the Senate President and House Speaker to make recommendations about whether to retain departmental agencies. If a committee were to refuse to act by the deadline, the agency could perish by default.

Call your Ohio State Rep. right NOW at 1-800-282-0253. Tell them to vote NO on Senate Bill 329.

Ohio is already by far the most robust of any state in terms of the numbers of boards and commissions it reviews and “sunsets.” Between 2005-2010, Ohio reviewed 274 boards and commissions and eliminated 79 of them, more than the top 10 states combined.

“It’s irresponsible for lawmakers to even consider such an extreme bill that could wreak such chaos in the lives of millions of Ohioans who depend on the services OCSEA members in state government provide,” said OCSEA President Christopher Mabe.

Stayed tuned for more information and how you can take action in the weeks ahead and leading up to the lame duck legislative session after Election Day.

Sen. Joe Schiavoni will go head-to-head with the sponsor of SB 329, Senate Pres. Keith Faber on Karen Kasler’s television show The State of Ohio this weekend. Go to the show’s website HERE to see when the program will air in your area.

OCSEA press release: Stop fast track to eliminate state agencies